WordPress as a Content Management System


WordPress is a great tool for building and updating a website quickly and easily.   The general problem for WordPress is the dynamic nature of the PHP code requires long-running resources that don’t scale well to the workload.  This post is dedicated to providing an example of using WordPress’s powerful CMS to create and update a website which is hosted using Amazon’s S3 storage.  Future posts will cover expanding the static nature of the website to make use of serverless architecture to add dynamic functionality to the site.

Why create a website which runs on S3?

The reason for creating a website in S3 is primary cost-based.  In most cases, an S3 website is less than $1 a month and doesn’t have any way for security exploits to impact the site.

The Code

A copy of the repo used to build these docker containers is located here.

Let’s Do It!

Suggestions for improvement, or requests for topics

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